RFS2: RIN Compliance and Challenges


December 20, 2013 – Back to BlogShare

In early December, Sandra Dunphy, Weaver director of energy compliance services, presented the topic of RFS2 at the annual Canadian Renewable Fuels Association Summit. In her presentation, RIN Compliance and Challenges, Sandra walked through the origination of the renewable fuels standard (RFS) program, requirements implemented along the way and possible up-and-coming revisions to the program. Specifically, the presentation outlines: 

  • RFS basics
  • How RINs work
  • 2014 RVO proposal
  • The blend wall
  • The rationale behind the methodology
  • How EPA’s actions will affect the biofuels industry
  • What’s next

Sandra is a nationally recognized Renewable Identification Number expert in the US renewable fuels industry, and she is known in the industry as the “RINderella,” specializing in EPA compliance and fuels consulting. Her full RFS2 presentation can be found here.

In addition, learn more about Weaver’s RFS-specific services through our RIN-tegrity® Quality Assurance Plans program.